Due to COVID-19 my in-person group classes are taking a break. 

Instead, I will be offering group workshops and private sessions via Zoom, or in-person private sessions in the Ipswich area.  Booking is required and you can ask any questions via the contacts page.


You can also find a growing collection of  short yoga videos on IGTV or via my facebook page. Hope they leave you feeling bright and well!




Hatha yoga for all levels.

With a focus on breath awareness, classes will take you through gentle flows with a focus on the fundamentals of yoga postures, combined with breathing and meditation techniques.

The class is suitable for all levels including beginners and there will be a chance to let me know if you want to focus on a specific area so that I can tailor the class to everyone attending.

You will learn to pay attention to your breath, your body and your thoughts so that you leave feeling energised and ready for life off the mat.


Based on my training with pregnancy and birth experts LushTums, my pregnancy  yoga classes are suitable for all levels, from 15+ to 40+ weeks.


Each class is tailored to the women attending, including gentle stretching to promote comfort, create space and relaxation, and to build strength.  

Each class ends with a guided relaxation which is always well received!


Classes also incorporate elements of birth preparation including positions for birth, breathing techniques and mindfulness. (These elements are covered in greater depth in my birth partner yoga classes and Birth preparation workshops).


These classes are designed for women after their 6/8 week check and beyond, including pelvic floor and core strengthening, relaxation and stretching.

The classes progress with you ensuring that you regain core strength as you are ready.

These classes are a perfect way to get back into exercise after birth, and a great foundation for higher impact exercise. 

From my own personal experience, core strength is a continual journey rather than a destination. We need to incorporate strengthening exercises into our daily lives if we want to continue to enjoy activities that require a supportive core and pelvic floor. 

Signs of a weak core / pelvic floor are lower back ache, feelings of heaviness through the pelvic floor, stress incontinence when sneezing, running, jumping etc.  

And it's not just abut physical strength. We will incorporate practices to build resilience through relaxation, self-care, and community, to help build inner emotional strength as well. 

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