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brand-new online membership coming soon. 

As a member you will be provided with monthly exercises which are designed to be easily incorporated into your daily life, helping you to step out of auto-pilot and into the life that you dream about.  

You will receive a weekly email guiding you through the membership material which will also be available via the membership section of this website.


The exercises will be aimed at helping you to create space for reflection empowering you to live more intentionally. 


You will be able to pick and choose what exercises you focus on, and there will be a members community where you can share experiences and find accountability

Exercises will include;

  • Short yoga practices aimed to focus on stretching, strengthening  and increasing flexibility)

  • Mindfulness practices, to help bring greater mental clarity and developing awareness

  • Meditations designed to help you ease stress and overwhelm. 

  • Journaling prompts based on monthly themes, allowing you space to reflect on what is going on behind the scenes, and over time allowing you to gain greater clarity on the different areas of your life and an opportunity to articulate your goals and aspirations.

  • Coaching exercises to help you create real change in your life based on what you uncover through your increased awareness. This will allow you to bring in small manageable changes, moving you toward the life you dream of. 


how does membership work?


Membership includes a weekly email based on that month’s theme, including exercises and video content, guidance notes and the ability to reply with any questions you have. 


Ongoing access to all past material.


Monthly themed live zoom call where you can ask questions, and connect with other members, share experiences and cheer each other on. 


This allows us to dive deep into the monthly theme and connect with other members creating accountability for those that need it.  

to find out more send me an email and you'll be notified when booking opens.

happy people

workshop image.PNG

     Sarah is a wonderful teacher, calm and knowledgable. Her online classes are really accessible and always leave me in a better mood.

Charlotte, Suffolk (yoga client)

workshop image.PNG

   I am grateful to have found a brilliant yoga teacher in Sarah. Her class is the perfect mix of mindfulness and physical body strength. With a personable approach she has helped me work through an injury and adapts  the class according to specific needs of participants.  A yoga class that you will leave from feeling physically and mentally stronger.

Lisa, Suffolk (yoga client)

want to find out more?

If you are interested in hosting workplace wellness sessions at your workplace then send me an email with any questions you have or to arrange a call to find out more about the sessions. 



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