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How to live with intention

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Living with intention is what underpins everything that I share through my yoga classes, wellness talks and coaching via Bright and Well.


It's all about slowing down and creating awareness of how you are living your life, so that you can act from a place of choice, rather than auto-pilot.

As humans, we naturally take the path of least resistance. We are capable of performing tasks without being fully present, and we are creatures of habit.

In some respects this is amazing. We can drive our cars whilst having a conversation. We can train ourselves to perform tasks with little effort or thought. Our brains are designed to repeat thought patterns, which is why we often have recurring thoughts. Our sub-conscious chooses pathways in our brain which are well-worn and require less energy than creating new ways of thinking and doing things.

Our tendency to fall into habits means that we often find ourselves behaving in a way that feels comfortable without stopping to question whether this is the best course of action. We may start to adopt certain thoughts as facts, without questioning them as we grow and change.

By slowing down and noticing what we are doing, and thinking, we can check that we are living in a way that aligns with what we believe in; our values.


When we are living in alignment with our values and core beliefs we will feel happier and more fulfilled. We will more easily be able to find a sense of purpose and meaning, giving us energy and determination, even when things are hard.

Our limited time will be spent doing the things that make us feel energised and motivated, and we can choose to start leaving behind those that no longer serve us.

By taking time to work out what matters to us we can make choices to act in ways that lead us to becoming the people we want to be.