How to work WELL from home

Updated: Feb 14

We are in a time where more people than ever are working from home. I have been a home-worker in my part-time accounting job for five years now. It's been a bit of a learning curve, but I have some tips to help maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing whilst getting your work done.

There are many challenges. Some obvious, others not so obvious. I have addressed the main challenges you are likely to encounter below;


The boundaries between home-life and work-life can become blurred, especially when working from home so boundaries are essential.

- Set some times where you won't be checking your emails. Sometimes it might be necessary if there is a key deadline, but make sure you aren’t regularly checking your emails outside of your working hours so that you have some time to enjoy being at home and switching off. Emails can create a sense of stress and if we do not allow ourselves time to relax this can have knock-on effects on our health.

- Ensure that managers and teams are clear about expectations of when you will be working and when you won't, and make sure they are reasonable.

- Schedule times where you will be focused on work, and those where you will be focused on other things. Otherwise you will be less focused when you are working, and unable to ever completely relax.

Physical comfort.