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Here are just some of the kind words I have received from students who have joined my classes. 

Pregnancy Yoga

"Literally the best class I've been to. Loved It. "

J - Yoga for All

"Great teacher, great classes! Would definitely recommend it. Did my pregnancy classes with Sarah, then postnatal and now the Yoga for All ones!"

L - All classes

"Amazing yoga for pregnancy!

I highly recommend Sarah's classes!

She is kind, caring and pays attention to your needs and creates a very supportive, relaxing environment in class"

Post Natal Yoga

"I can’t recommend Sarah’s pregnancy yoga sessions enough.  I can’t wait to come back for post natal yoga/a mummy’s meet up. Thank you for all of your wonderful classes Xx"

E - Ipswich

"So glad I went to this yoga class it helped me so much through my pregnancy and labour!"

Louise - Ipswich

"Sarah’s pregnancy yoga helped me ease all the aches and pains associated with my bump. I now attend post-natal classes and find myself feeling less creaky and more like my former self!"

K -Ipswich

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