Welcome to Bright + Well Yoga


Hello! I'm Sarah.  Yoga teacher and founder of Bright + Well Yoga.


I'm probably not your typical yogi (whatever that is?). I love a good coffee, am a total running addict, but I also love to slow down, feel into my body and find that yoga and meditation bring some much needed balance to my life.

My aim is to help bring some mental and physical space to your of life, through the practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.


Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced yogi, pregnant, postnatal, time-rich or time poor, a 'grown-up' or a child, take a look at my classes to see whether there is a class for you.

My yoga journey so far

Yoga is now a key part of my busy daily life. But it hasn't always been. 

I first discovered yoga over 10 years ago, when I was in a very different place, physically and emotionally.  Working in a demanding corporate accounting job in London, I felt like I was on a never-ending treadmill with little time to even think about exercise or self-care, and I couldn't see anything changing in the near future.  I was on auto-pilot but didn't even realise. 


My husband and I moved to Brighton in an attempt to slow down, but we were still working all the hours in London. I then discovered Bikram yoga, which was the start of the journey to where I am today. 

Things really changed when I was pregnant with my daughter and I went along to pregnancy yoga classes with Clare Maddalena, (now the founder of LushTums). I loved it. I used to float out of class and began to understand more about meditation, relaxation and noticing what my body was telling me. I then went to Postnatal with Clare after the birth of my daughter which was such a valuable time in my week. A chance to connect back to me amidst a blur of sleep deprivation and baby classes.  

I returned to work as an accountant part-time in a local charity (where I still work today, remotely from Ipswich) when Clare set up LushTums teacher training. I didn't hesitate in signing up and this was the start of my yoga teaching journey.

My pregnancy yoga training opened my eyes to a world that I hadn't realised existed.  A world away from corporate accounting and working yourself into the ground. I began teaching in Brighton and realised that I wasn't alone.  People need to connect to themselves, trust their instincts and gain some peace in their busy lives. 

When I was pregnant with my son we moved to Ipswich, close to where I grew up, so that we could be closer to family. Shortly after the birth of my son I began teaching pregnancy yoga again and haven't looked back. 

I then trained to be a postnatal yoga teacher with LushTums, passionately believing that women should be able to regain strength and confidence after having their babies. 


I went on to my 200 hour teacher training with CamYoga so that I can share yoga with a wider audience and most recently completed Yogacampus' Empowering Children through Yoga and Creativity with Ayala Homossany.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can join me in one of my classes. 





LushTums Pregnancy Yoga training (100hrs)

LushTums Postnatal Yoga training (100hrs)

CamYoga Yoga diploma (200hrs)

Yogacampus Empowering Children through Yoga and Creativity (50hrs)

LushTums Antenatal Education training

LushTums Aromatherapy in pregnancy and postnatal (CPD)

Workplace Wellbeing Coordinators course (New Leaf Health)

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute- 2 day training (emotional Intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness training developed by Google)

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