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Sustainable living : essential for our own health, not just the planet's

Are you trying to live more sustainably for the sake of the planet? Often we forget to apply the same approach to ourselves.

Sustainability tends to be associated with environmental issues but it also needs to be a consideration when we look at how we use our time and energy.

In the same way that sustainable businesses need to operate in a way that doesn't deplete resources and opportunities for future generations, we need to live and work in a way that makes life better for our future selves.

If we overwork and overcommit ourselves without ensuring that we keep our energy levels topped up through selfcare, our future selves will pay the price through poor mental and physical health, which could eventually shorten our lives.

This all sounds a bit big and scary but it's important to recognise the damaging impact of stress on our health, not just through the loss of joy in the present moment, but also through serious health implications in future.

Stress is unavoidable but there are things that are within our control to reduce the impact it has on our lives.

Bright and well is all about offering healthy coping strategies to deal with stress but also to raise awareness of ways that we can change our lives so that there is initially less stress to deal with.

We need to be talking more about our obsession with growth, and our always ON culture where busyness is celebrated. Let's start to question whether this is sustainable in the long term.

I work with individuals through my yoga classes, wellness coaching and my yoga and wellness workshops. And with businesses through my workplace wellness talks and programs which raise awareness of the damage that stress at work can cause to employees' wellbeing, company culture and and ultimately performance.

If you want to find out more about my services or if you want to start a conversation about anything I've mentioned here I'd love to hear from you.

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